Exporting Candles – a Romantic Charm

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A candle is an ignitable wick with a flammable solid substance that provides light and a fragrance, can also provide heat, and can be used as well during the event of a power outage.Most candles are made from paraffin wax, soy and palm oil (which has which appears to be a more sustainable raw material), as well as a mixture of mineral oil and a polymer, and candle sizes are not standardized. Candles are the 614th most traded product according to the Product Complexity Index and the top exporters are China, Poland, the United States, Vietnam and the Netherlands, while the top importers are the United States.


Despite tough competition from China, India has had high anti-dumping duties on China-made candles catapulting itself into the big league by countering price wars, so don’t be surprised if you’ll find ‘Made in India’ candles on a shelf in New York. Though India currently ranks 12th in world, exports have been on rise and one major reason for cheer is that in US there is zero duty on candle imports from India which has robbed Chinese manufacturers of their low-cost advantage. India is now a good source for mass-market varieties of candles as Indian exporters of scented candles are trying to find overseas buyers with competitor analysis tool, from across 192 countries. In 2016, India exported candles worth $9.96 to UK, while Ireland and Italy were some of the other big markets where exports witnessed impressive growth over the previous year, but despite such impressive growth, candle exporters are still struggling.


With our modern heebie-jeebies about fire safety, it is not ok to light the Christmas tree with candles nowadays. A candle’s main functions are to provide light and heat, but in the European market candles have been influenced by trends besides appearance, as they can enhance the atmosphere and be used as a decoration. Europe is an interesting market, where consumption is steadily increasing and candles have become more than purely functional items for exporters from developing countries, and retailers of decorative items, and Poland is the main supplier.


A candle has an embedded wick which provides light and sometimes scent, usually categorized as home accessory, varying from basic candles (usually with a diameter of 2.2 cm, often come in sets) to more fancy candles (special shape, usually sold individually) and scented candles (with an added scent). If you want to add charm you can pick an elegantly designed candle holder which adds glory to the ambiance, is exquisitely romantic in the interior décor and enhance the beauty of any given outdoor place as well. Now that sounds of crackers have begun hitting the milieu and the excitement of approaching festive season is increasing, this business opportunity is calling for your attention as the demand for waxes reached an estimated 10,000 million lbs.


What gives Chinese candles an advantage is low pricing as well as the variety of candles across the world sold at very low prices, while India supplies tea lights for Rs.2, mostly the hand-poured varieties.


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