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Charles Dickens knew how magical candlelight can be and wrote an especially delightful evocation and everyone wants a beautiful backyard, no matter how big or small the space is.But the warmer temperatures and sunny days are luring you into planning of eating, or lounging so maybe it’s time to rethink how that area looks, even if you’re short on space or on a tight budget. From pretty planters to colorful garden plans, you can breathe new life into your outdoor living spaces with DIY planter boxes, hanging baskets, and more.


When the first rays of sunshine appear, it’s time to spice up the balcony with your own garden decorations perfect for designing outdoor decorations, because making your own garden decorations will transform your green oasis into a head-turner. You don’t have to call Versailles home if you have a petite patch of green, because some unique ideas will make your garden fit for a king. As you probably know if you have an outdoor area, you can have wonderful memories with a gardening tradition.There are some easy DIY projects for gardens, so follow the simple instructions to create showstopping moments using a variety of decorative accents.


  1. Highlight your patio

The secret here is a paw print decoration, a cute idea to jazz up an old piece of furniture, and all you need is a stencil for a complete makeover. You can team this with mild mint, for an easy-to-apply new look for your balcony as well.


  1. Build a trellis as a pathway off the ground

You will need tools such as miter saw or circular saw, carpenter’s square, drill and bit set and work gloves, as well as some treated lumber, welded wire, boxes, Minwax stainable wood filler, wood glue, stainless-steel staples and Olympic Elite tintable solid exterior stain. Build a trellis that becomes even more beautiful when intertwined with climbing plants, along walkway to a front door. Product costs and item numbers may vary, as well as paint colors and availability, by market for sizes.


  1. Create a gate to the garden

Bring this idea into your own garden by closing off a section behind a lattice wall or curtains.


  1. A soothing addition with a lovely fountain

Availability varies for lumber species so be attentive to know if you’re missing anything. In order to make a garden fountain you will need tools such as drill, utility knife, glazed ceramic pot, water garden container fountain kit, rubber stoppers, but be aware that items may be special order and product costs and item numbers may vary by market. Place the pot face down, apply sealant, place the smaller end into the hole, leaving about 1/4″ extending, and then apply sealant around the exposed area and plug two additional holes.


  1. Give gardening a shot

In case you don’t have the room for a garden plot a container garden allows flowers to soak up on top. Try to make a raised vegetable garden by building a bed to plant in, creating a box with lumber or buying a pre-built piece.


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